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Tolerance Command: The suggested text font is romans.shx. These practices correspond with the ASME Y14.2M standard, Line Conventions and Lettering.

Attaching Feature Control Frame to Leaders: The QLEADER command automatically attached and associated with a leader. This is the mosr effective technique for creating a feature control frame and other GD&D symbols, such as datum feature symbols.

GD&T Feature Frame

T E X T   S Y M B O L S   &   S P E C I A L   C H A R A C T E R S   R E F E R E N C E

Unicode Strings and Control Codes.

Name Control Codes Unicode String
Degree (°) %%d U+00B0
Plus/Minus Tolerance (±) %%p U+00B1
Diameter (Ø) %%c U+2205

H O W   T O   C R E A T E  .  .  .   in   A U T O C A D

Modify Dimension Style: Lines, Symbols and Arrows, Text, Fit, Primary Units, Alternate Units, Tolerances —» Dimsty or select a Feature + Enter.

Create an Associate Center Mark: Annotate —» Dimension tab —» select Center Mark —» select a circle or an arc (continue selecting circles/arcs to place center marks —» Enter.

Adding Flag Notes: Create a symbol (a triangle) —» Create a text in the symbol —» Block —» Block Definition (Name + Select Objects + Pick Point) —» OK


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