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B E S T   T I P S   A N D   T R I C K S   :   C R E O   P A R A M E T R I C   3.0

View Hot Keys:

  • Zoom In/Out —» CTRL+Middle-click and drag
  • Pan —» SHIFT+Middle-click and drag
  • Spin —» Middle-click and drag
  • Standard View —» Ctrl D

Selection Hot Keys:

  • Annotate Tab —» Alt S
  • Analysis Tab —» Alt A
  • Model Tab —» Alt M
  • Framework Tab —» Alt X
  • Tool Tab —» Alt T
  • View Tab —» Alt V

Creo Hot Keys :

  • Regenerate —» Ctrl G
  • Repaint —» Ctrl R
  • New File —» Ctrl N
  • Open File —» Ctrl O
  • Save File —» Ctrl S
  • Find (search tool) —» Ctrl F
  • Undo —» Ctrl Z
  • Redo —» Ctrl Y

S H O R T C U T   M E N U

To open a shortcut menu in the graphics window —» press the RMB for a short time.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts can consist of the following.

LMB: Press Left Mouse Button down, used to select points or features.

RMB: Press the Right Mouse Button down, used to search through a series of features or used to bring up a pop up menu, typically used when editing (hold the button down for 2 seconds).

MMB: Press the Middle Mouse Button down, used place a dimension, or accept the current value, model rotation, dimensioning, zoom when holding Ctrl key, and pan with Shift key. It also used to cancel commands and line chains.

Center Scroll Wheel: Same as MMB when depressed, only it activates Zoom feature when scrolling wheel.

P A R T   M O D E L I N G   •   C R E O   T I P S

Creating the Datum Centerlines: Centerline marks should be used on all circles and holes —»

To Define a Concentric Circle: For the center point, you must select a reference (centerline, plane, axis e.,g). For the second point, specify a radius.

To Dimension a Circle as a Diameter: In drafting, hold down the Alt key and double click the circle. To dimension a circle as a radius —» Annotate —» Dimension —» click the circle once.

Adding 2D CrossSection View: Deselect Datum Display Filters —» select the view to create the section view —» RMB to Insert Projection View —» Layout —» place the view —» select the projection view —» RMB to select Properties —» Section —» 2D cross-section —» click + —» (Planar/Single) Done —» type A for the name —» Enter —» Model Tree (select Front plane) —» OK —» with the section view selected —» RMB —» Add arrow —» select the parent view —» Create an Offset Cross-Section Views: select the section view —» Layout —» Drawing Models —» Set Model —» select Fixing Block (to activate the model) —» Done/Return.

Configure a Cross-Section View: select the right view —» RMB to select Properties —» Section —» 2D cross-section —» + —» select section A from the Name list —» scroll to the right to activate Arrow Display —» select the Top view (flip the material side to change the direction (up/down-left of -) —» OK.

Modifying Cross Hatching Display: Deselect Datum Display Filters —» Alt to select cross section view —» RMB to select Properties —» select Spacing —» Half —» Angle —» 45 —» Save —» type Custom 45 for the hatch name —» Enter —» Done.

P A R T   G E O M E T R I C   D I M E N S I O N I N G   &   T O L E R A N C E

Inserting a Geometric Dimension & Tolerance in Model/Part:


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