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TMobil: T-Mobile says their services don’t have hidden fees, but there’s a full monthly charge if you cancel/move the service to a different carrier. Customers who signed up and corresponding no-contract plans through T-Mobile buy into two separate agreements: to pay TMobil a month in advance and setup a month-to-month autopayment for TMobil's service and when a customer ends/moves her/his service, they’re billed for the full/last month of TMobil's service. It doesn't matter when you canceled TMobil's service TMobil will charge you for a full month if you dared to cancel/move your TMobil's service where else. Life is suck and we're stuck with TMobil. Let us know if you know how we can get our refund for the last month service we didn't use. How to file a complaint with Federal Trade Commision This is a scam web site, please do not update/post your resume with your phone number online at or you will receive text message like this days/nights...John Doe, I see you inquired about a grant for $5,920 yesterday. Amount available now for a few Min Txt STOP to output. Report online scam or e-mail hoax at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324) Contact


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