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C R E O   P A R A M E T R I C   C O N F I G U R A T I O N

Each configuration file option in contains a default value that is set by Creo Parametric.

Configuring Creo 3 Parametric: File —» Options —» Configuration Editor —» to display a different set of configuration options in the editor, click Show and select a configuration option set from the list

To change the value of a configuration option, click the corresponding value in the Value column and select a different value from the list or type one.

To Add a Configuration Option click Add —» Options —» option name —» select a value —» OK

To Find a Configuration Option to edit click Find —» Find Option —» Type keyword (type a search string) —» Look in (select a category —» Serach descriptions check box ( to search for string in the option descriptions —» Find now —» Choose option (click an option) —» Set value (select a value from the list or type a different value —» Add/Change (to confirm the change) —» Close —»

To Import or Export a Configuration File: You can export the settings to a file and then import the file later to apply the settings to another session.

Add Configuration Options from Favorites: Add frequently used configuration options to the Favorites tab —» File —» PTC Creo Parametric Options —» Configuration Editor —» RMC a configuration option in the Name column —» Add to Favorites.

Remove Configuration Options from Favorites: Click Favorites tab in the PTC Creo Parametric Options —» RMC a configuration option in the Favorites —» Remove From Favorites.

Configuration Option Settings for English & Metric Unit Systems: The contents of the default file depend on the units system that you select. The following table lists the configuration option settings in the file for the English and Metric unit systems.

System Color Options: In the system colors file (system_colors_file) within the file, you can provide default RGB values (<0.000000 0.000000 0.000000) for the display of various graphics. See System Color Options table.

Minimizing the Integrated Browser: File —» Options —» Window Settings —» uncheck Expand the browser during startup. The browser will now appear minimized when Creo is launched.

Configurations Options for Fundamentals: See the lists below —»

R E L A T I O N   U P D A T E   F I L E

Specifies the name of the external text file in which relations are defined, in the start configuration file.

Example: RELATION_UPDATE_FILE text/rel_update.txt —» The relation update file has the following format —»

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