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PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTOSHOPS & MAGAZINES: A community where DESIGNER, ARTIST and PHOTOGRAPHER peers share interesting links. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced with photoshop and photography, below are some of my favorite links that will help you improve your artistic design and photography.

The Freedom to Create Anything. Wix unites beauty and advanced technology to create your stunning website. It's easy and free. How to create a free website.

42West How to edit your photos and the 5 Photoshop editing steps for beginers. Crop the images - Correct the exposure - Color adjustments - Remove unwanted spots - Sharpening or blurrings.

Amateur Photographer. 10 pages of autum photography advice. The world's best wildlife photographs are revealed.

Computer Arts. The top 30 design studios in the UK. Improve your freelance focus. Stay motivated and be more productive. Flyers that impress. Design matters and culture.

Digital Photo Pro. Forge your own path - A passion for food and storytelling - Revealing the rhythm of dance.

Perspective Drawing with Illustrator. Relatively specialized domain pursued by technical artists and draftsmen, it's based on orientation of the object with respect to the viewer.

PetaPixel. Photoshop in Photography: What defines a photograph? News - Tutorials - Equipment - Tips and Archives.

Photoshop Creative. Make your own brushes, textures, fonts and more. Design your own newspaper. Drop rain into your photos.

Smashing Magazine. Many excellent digital photography Photoshop tutorials. Articles - Books - Events and Jobs

Shutterbug Special. Expert photo techniques - Getting the right light for outdoor shoots - Why you should shoot in raw.

Vertanux1. This web site is for anyone interested in learning Computer Aided Design, Engineering, or Manufacturing. It's intended for educational purposes only.

Web Designer. The art of web fonts - 20 HTML5 APIs and tools you need to know now. Google developer secrets.

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