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Quality Assurance is a set of documents provided on paper, or online, or on digital or analog media. This document establishes the minimum requirements for a supplier’s quality system. It identifies the elements of a system to be established and maintained by the supplier to substantiate product conformance to U.S Goverment purchase order requirements and applies to all materials and services when referenced in a purchase order.

Quality System Requirements:

‹•› Documented Procedures: The supplier shall establish and maintain procedures that define how each of the following sections are to be controlled. The forms used must be referenced in the procedures and a copy included where possible. The Suppliers Quality System shall be available for review by the Quality Assurance Department of the Purchaser.

‹•› Contract Review and Control: The supplier shall establish and maintain a method for reviewing and controlling a Buyer purchase order. This system must include:

  1. Who receives P.O.
  2. How and who reviews the P.O. requirements and converts it to a document that will be used by Production and Inspection.

‹•› Manufacturing and Inspection Documentation: The supplier shall use a document (called a Traveler) that identifies and controls the manufacturing and inspection operations of Buyer products. This traveler will be the primary document that provides objective evidence and traceability that manufacturing and inspection operations have been completed per Buyer requirements. This traveler must include and/or make reference to the following:

  1. Applicable drawings and/or specifications/standards.
  2. Traceable to the Buyer Purchase Order Number, Part Number, and Revision Level.
  3. Manufacturing Instruction. (Supplier's manufacturing sequence and detail necessary to product to P.O. requirements.)
  4. ‹•› Inspection points: When Quality Assurance Department hold points or Buyer hold points are specified by P.O. requirements, provisions on the traveler must reflect these requirements. Final inspection per P.O. requirements is mandatory for all Buyer products.

    ‹•› The manufacturer must be able to provide objective evidence of satisfactory completion of each inspection/manufacturing step performed. Verification of inspection or manufacturing shall be denoted by a signature or stamp and date.


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‹•› Records: The supplier shall maintain records of Buyer Purchase Order documentation, manufacturing and inspection travelers, certifications & other records required to produce Buyer products for a minimum of years specified by P.O. requirements. These records shall be made available to Quality Assurance Department or to the Buyer on request.

‹•› Receiving Inspection:

  1. All materials procured to produce Buyer products must be inspected to Buyer P.O. requirements. Verification of inspection shall be denoted by a signature or stamp and date.
  2. Product or services performed outside (e.g., nondestructive testing, heat treating, chemical & physical testing, machining, fabrication, etc.) must be inspected and/or verified to Buyer requirements. There must be objective evidence documenting the acceptance of the product or service procured. The applicable certification of conformance for test and/or special processes must also indicate acceptance evidence.

‹•› Nonconforming Material: (Any item not meeting Buyer design requirements). All nonconforming material must be immediately identified and removed from the manufacturing flow. Reference to the nonconformance shall be documented on the traveler. The supplier has the following options with the nonconforming material:

  1. Scrap.
  2. Rework to Purchase Order specifications - reinspection of the rework must be documented with a signature or inspection stamp and date.
  3. For rejects other than scrap or rework, record the nonconformance on a “Supplier Nonconformance Report” (SNR) and forward to the Buyer with a formal disposition.

‹•› Measuring & Test Equipment: The supplier must have the capability and equipment available to inspect or test what he produces to Buyer P.O. requirements. If the supplier does not have the capability to test or inspect the product to Buyer Purchase Order requirements, outside sources may be utilized, provided that Para. Records and Receiving Inspection are adhered to.

‹•› Calibration: The supplier shall establish and maintain a system insuring that all gages, measuring devices, and test equipment used for product acceptance are calibrated at specified intervals against certified standards which have known valid relationships to those of the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST). The calibration status of calibrated measuring tools and test equipment shall be indicated by labels or some other suitable means. A method shall be established for monitoring the equipment to assure adherence to calibration schedules. The calibration status shall indicate the date of last calibration, by whom calibrated and when the next calibration is due.

‹•› Buyer Furnished Material: The supplier shall identify and examine all Buyer furnished material upon receipt. Any material found damaged, malfunctioning or otherwise unsuitable for use must be documented on the Buyer SNR and Buyer notified.

‹•› Sampling Inspection: All critical, major, and selected minor characteristics must be 100% inspected by the supplier. The remainder of minor characteristics may be sample inspected. Sampling inspection procedures used by the supplier to accept minor characteristics shall be from U.S Standards, MIL-STD-105D, General Inspection Level II, Buyer Stadard. Other sampling plans are permissible upon Buyer approval.


Quality Assurance Procedure and Steps:

  1. Contract Review and Control: Procedure for Document and Record Control (documented procedures + method of maintaining documents).
  2. Manufacturing & Inspection Documentation: Manufacturing Traveler Including (drawings + specifications + standards + P.O. + part number + revision level + mfg instruction + inspection points + insp & mfg signature/stamp/date).
  3. Records: Recordkeeping and Period Requirement (P.O. + mfg & insp travelers + cerifications + + other records).
  4. Receiving Inspection: Procured Materials, Outside Services & Products (inspected + verified + denoted with signature/stamped/dated).
  5. Nonconforming Material: Items Not Meet Design Requirement (identified + removed + documented on traveler). Options (scrap or rework/reinspect/document with sig/stamp/date or reject with Supplier Nonconformance Report).
  6. Manufacturing & Test Equipment: Capability and Availability (inspect + test or adhered to Para. 3 and 4).
  7. Calibration: Gages, Measuring Devices & Test Equipments (calibrate + certify + validate + qualified performer + label + due date).
  8. Furnished Material: Buyer Supplied Materials (identify + exam upon receipt + notify and document of any unsuitable for use).
  9. Sampling Inspection: General Inspection (100% all critical + major + selected minor characteristics. All other sampling inspection plans shall be from buyer standard/specification).

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