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Quality Assurance is a set of documents provided on paper, or online, or on digital or analog media. This document establishes the minimum requirements for a supplier’s quality system. It identifies the elements of a system to be established and maintained by the supplier to substantiate product conformance to U.S Goverment purchase order requirements and applies to all materials and services when referenced in a purchase order.

Quality System Requirements:

Quality Assurance Procedure and Steps:

  1. Contract Review and Control: Procedure for Document and Record Control (documented procedures + method of maintaining documents).
  2. Manufacturing & Inspection Documentation: Manufacturing Traveler Including (drawings + specifications + standards + P.O. + part number + revision level + mfg instruction + inspection points + insp & mfg signature/stamp/date).
  3. Records: Recordkeeping and Period Requirement (P.O. + mfg & insp travelers + cerifications + + other records).
  4. Receiving Inspection: Procured Materials, Outside Services & Products (inspected + verified + denoted with signature/stamped/dated).
  5. Nonconforming Material: Items Not Meet Design Requirement (identified + removed + documented on traveler). Options (scrap or rework/reinspect/document with sig/stamp/date or reject with Supplier Nonconformance Report).
  6. Manufacturing & Test Equipment: Capability and Availability (inspect + test or adhered to Para. 3 and 4).
  7. Calibration: Gages, Measuring Devices & Test Equipments (calibrate + certify + validate + qualified performer + label + due date).
  8. Furnished Material: Buyer Supplied Materials (identify + exam upon receipt + notify and document of any unsuitable for use).
  9. Sampling Inspection: General Inspection (100% all critical + major + selected minor characteristics. All other sampling inspection plans shall be from buyer standard/specification).

Disclaimer: started in 2005 as a personal website. It primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed resources, formulars and reference materials while performing my work as Engineering Technical Support, Designer and a Drafter. Designed for my own uses. I will be writing a range of CAD topics and issues, from Design, Drafting, Quality Assurance to Documentation. It is intended for personal use and reference purposes only. Not intended for public teaching, reproducing or distributing. The links, materials and photos (some are from Google images) are free to use, I'm not in anyway responsible for material viewed or downloaded by users from the site/Internet.

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