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RTS (Request Tracking System) is used for obtaining document approvals and for submitting document release Revising Procedures, Work Instructions, etc. (not drawings except for tooling) requests to Document Control. Send an e-mail to Doc Control and request the Source file. Make the changes per engineering request.

REQUEST TRACKING SYSTEM —» Product/folder —» Form Template folder (DCR form) —» download form abc_xxxyz (Document Change Request) and save it to hard drive —» ProductDoc Home —» Application Links tab —»

RTS: New Request —» Request Type (Internal Routing INTRT) —» Request Name (BVR Numbers) —» Business Unit (ADM – Aerospace, Defense & Marine) —» Request Description (Remove BUILD VARIANCE REQUEST Number from PLM.Tec (all versions) —» Save —» A number is assigned in the Request Box —» Fill out the form below —»

Form abc_xxxyz: enter Generated Request Number —» Requester (Name) —» Date —» Product Group or Functional Area (Devices) —» Document Type (BVR-Build Variance Request) —» Manufacturing Location (Santa Clara) —» Document Number (BVR Number) —» Document Title —» Nature of Request (obsolete) —» Rev From (All) —» Rev To (Rev) —» Reason for change (Remove BVR Number from PLM.Tec (all version) —» Save as (Document Title-Form) —» back to RTS —»

RTS: Attachments tab —» add New Attachment —» Date —» File Type (File System Attachments) —» File Category (NonRestricted – Other) —» File (Browse for the saved document.doc from hard drive) —» Save and Continue with Additional Attachments (the saved abc_xxxyz.doc) —» Save and No Additional Attachment —» Assign the request for approval —»

Assignments tab: select/check the box next to assignee name —» in One Time window (type in employee ID) —» in Comment window (type Review and Approve) —» Sub-Assign —» Repeat this step to add another —» Save —»

Wait for the approval from assignees then proceed to ASSIGNING the REQUEST to DOCUMENT CONTROL


My Inbox: Request (click on the request number) —» click the Assignment tab —» select/check the box next to assignee name —» In Distribution Lists (select ECOC_XYZ.doc — Review/Approval form) —» in Comment window (type Review and Approve) —» Sub-Assign —» Save (to close the request).

ECOC: (Electronic Cycle of Change): Adapted from a work by Prochaska & Diclemente   |   Ignacio Pacheco

  • Precontemplation (trước khi có ý định): A logical (hợp lý) staring point for the model, where there is no intention of changing behavior; the person may be unaware that a problem exits
  • Contemplation (hành động): The person is intend on taking action to correct the problem; usually requires buy-in from the client (i.e. the client believes she/he can make change)
  • Action (tác động): The person is in active modification of behavior.
  • Maintenance (sự bảo trì; bảo dưỡng): Sustained change occurs and new behavior(s) replaces old ones. Per this model, this stage is also transitional (chuyển tiếp)
  • Relapse (trở lại; tái phát): The person falls back into old patterns (kiểu cũ) of behavior (chức năng).
  • Upward Spiral (hướng lên theo đường xoắn ốc; đi lên): Each time a person goes through the cycle, they learn from each relapse and (hopefully) work better so that relapse is shorter or less devastating (thảm hơn)


RTS: My Inbox —» select the request Number —» Assignment tab —» click/check the box icon square Comments (Reject by/reasons) —» Close

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