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ELECTRONIC HARDWARE & FASTENERS: It's consists of interconnected electronic components & devices that mechanically joins two or more objects together or perform analog or logic operations on received and locally stored information to produce as output or store resulting new information or to provide control for output actuator mechanism.

Accurate Screw Machine. Bushing, Hand Screws and Nuts, Handles, Locking-Fasteners, Retainers, Screws, Captive Assemblies, Spacers, Studs, Ferrules, Threaded Standoff, Tools, Washers. How to order metric parts. Fastener Specifications –SAE (inch) Dimensions. Material Specification & Properties. Material Finishes. Socket Cap Screw Data.

Adapt All, Inc: International Adapter and Fitting Solutions. American, British, Metric, Mobil Equipment. Adapter & Fitting Kits - Stock Programs - Thread Gauges - Ifo & Tutorials.

Altech Corp: Product includes circuit protection, connectors, disconect switches, enclosures, digital parameters, DIN Rails, PCB connections, process controllers, relays, sensors, safety switches, terminal blocks, timers, wire management, and more.

ASI: Custom Foam Gasket and Seals - Rubber - Electrical Enclosure Gaskets - High Temperature Gasket - Sound Foam - Convoluted Foam. EMI RFI Shielding Gasket - O-Rings - Engineered Plastics.

Bisco Industries is a premier distributor of electronic components and fasteners. General Assembly Hardware: Enclosures, Subracks, Cases,Electronic Packaging - Pins and Ejectors - Bearings and Bushings - Inserts - Cap and Plugs - Clamps - Hose, Fittings, Valves, Couplers - Socket Products - Rods and Studs - Pre-Prositioned Fasteners - Captive and 1/4 Fasteners. Eyelets - Locks, Electronic Actuator - Gears - Magnets - Handles - Fans - Heat Sinks - Switches - Test Points - Fuses - Potentialmeters - Relays - Indications and Optoelectronics - LED - Card Guides and Ejectors - Spacers and Standoffs - Strain Relief - Wire Routing Hardware - Electronic Connectors - Wire and Cable Hardwares - The lists go on...

Boker's, Inc Stamping and Washers: Custom washers over thousands materials types. Diameter .08"-5.14" and non-standard sizes. Lock-Tab wahers, beveled washers, c'sunk wahsers, spring washers...800-927-4377

Digi-Key: Product includes cable assemblies, cables, wires - management, connectors, interconnectors, tools, sensors, and more.

DigiPart Search for Electronic Part. Connect Buyers and Suppliers faster and Safer. Check inventory, compare price and find the best deal. Seach by part number.

Essentra Components Electronics: PCB Hardware, Fiber & Cable Management, Cable Ties & Clips. Fasteners: Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Rivets, Panel Fastening, Rods, Screws, Retails & Funiture Display. Hardware: Knobs, Handles, Grips, Levers, Feet, Castors, Glides, Latches, Locks, Hinges, Clamps, Gasketing. Protection: Caps, Plugs, Masking, Pipe & Flange & Hose Protection, Ferrules, Tube Inserts.

Hardware Specialty Co., Inc. Electronic mounting hardware, fasteners, card guides, ejectors, hinges, handles, strain reliefs, spacers & standoffs.

Keystone Electronics Corp. Electronic Hardware: Battery Holders, Contacts, Clips - Fuse Clips, Fuse Holders - Instrument Handles - I-Clamps - IDC Connectors - LED Spacers, Lens Caps - Metal Key-Pad Dome Switches - Panel Hardware, PC Board Hardware - Plugs, Pins, Jacks & Sockets - Quick-Fit Terminals - Screw Terminals, Terminal Blocks - Screws - Spacers, Standoffs - Terminals, Terminal Boards - Test Points, Tips, Probes, Jumpers & Clips.

Kriwan Sensors: Condition Monitoring - Diagnosis System - Oil differential pressure - Capacity control - PTC + temperature sensors - Oil level regulator - Voltage Monitor - and Pump Protection.

Laird: Expert in connecting and protecting advanced electronics. Wireless Modules - IoT Platforms - RF Attennas &Absorbers - EMC Components - Inductors - Precision & Interface Materials - Temperature Controllers - Thermoelectric Modules - Liquid Cooling Systems Online source for hard to find and unique micro miniature machine screws. Tappinf Screws - Computer Screws - Screws by Head Type - Set Screws - Wafer Head Screws - Rubber Washers - Screw Extractors and Tools.

Pencom Self Clinching Fasteners Pencom provides component solutions to OEM design engineers. Products include Ball Studs and Clips - Captive Screws - Guide Pins - Inserts for Plastic - Spacers - Standoffs - Nuts - Self-clinching Hardware - Thumbscrew and Washers.

Rotor Clip; is the manufacturer of retaining rings, snap rings, circlips, wave springs, single turn wave springs, multi turn wave springs, spiral rings, metric products, self-compensating hose clamps for automotive, aerospace, medical, military, oil & gas industries.

Smalley; is the manufacturer of Retaining Rings, Hoopster, Laminate Seals, Self-Locking, Spriolox Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings, and Wave Rings. Support includes Engineering, Ring Design, and Material Selection.

SSP Fittings Corp. Specializing in Stainless Steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components and assemblies. Fittings - Valves - Tubing - Tool & Accessories - Quick Connects - Filters - Hose & Hose Fittings.

Swagelok. Expertise in product or system design, materials science, or corrosion issues. Fittings - Valves - Tubing - Tool & Accessories - Quick Connects - Filters - Hose & Hose Fittings - Regulators - Measurement Devices - Mechanical Seal Support Systems - Medium-and High-Pressure Products - Analytical Subsystems - Welding Systems - Miniature Modular Systems.

Techford. Industrial Components Hardware & Fastening Solution Provider. Expertise in Fasteners - Micro Flake Bonding Miniature Positioning Pins - Miniature Nuts - Micro Inserts - Micro Screws - Panel Screws - Plastic FastenersDevil Felts - Industrial Machines - Machined Parts. For a one-stop solutions please contact Tony Nguyen

TE Connectivity. Cable Assemblies, Harnessing, Terminal & Splice, Connectors, Heat Shrink Tubing, Wire & Cable, Sensors, Identification & Labeling, Fiber Optics, Connector Backshells / Adapters, Polamco high precision connectors, backshells, interconnect accessories, and custom connectivity solutions for use in rugged applications.

Zierick. Engineered Interconnection Solutions: Surface MountConnectors, Through Hole Connectors, Interconnection Hardware, Equipment, Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board. Interconnection Hardware: Quick Disconnect Terminals, Eyelet Terminals, Fuse Clips, Screw Terminals, Lockwasher Terminals, Solder Terminals & Angle, Jumper Terminals, Angle Brackets, Cable Clamps.

PLASTIC & RUBBERS PRODUCTS: Browse the best selection of plastic products, excelent quality and low cost.

Apple Rubber Products Inc: Apple offer a large inventory of O-Rings in a variety of sizes. Medical Seal - MicrOring - MacrOring - Composite Seals - EMI Shielded O-Rings and Seals - Filter Seals - Silicon Parts and Seals. Call 716-684-6560 for free samples.

ACF Components & Fasteners produces Access Hardware - Tub Glides - Fiber, Wire, and Cables Management - Masking Produducts - Caps, Plugs, and Netting - Flange Protection - Hose Protection - Tapes and Weather Stripping. Call 800-227-2901 for free samples.

Caplugs produces a wide variety of plastic plugs, plastic products of a protective nature-cap and tubing plugs have tappered ribs for a snug fit. Hose Guard - Masking - Tubing - Thread Plugs - Eveergreen Labware and much more. 888-227-5847 for free samples.

Century Rubber Company, Inc manufactures custom molded and die-cut elastomer components, including rubber to metal vulcanizing. Materials include Silicone - Flurosilicone - Viton - EPDM - Neoprene - Butyl - Isoprene - Nitrile - Natural Rubber - SBR - Millable Urethanes - AFLAS.

Essentra Components: Caps & Plugs, Cable clips. Cable clamps, Panel fasteners, Hole plugs, PCB hardware, and more.

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