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Master the Fundamentals and Never Stop Learning: Indispensable engineers build on mastery of their field’s core competencies, (thạo, rành, giỏi) steadily increasing their stock of knowledge while expanding into customer-facing and commercial skill sets. As in any profession, mastering the fundamentals is essential (cần thiết). Engineers have enormous (to lớn) responsibility to the profession, their employers, shareholders and often the safety of others. Continuing professional education should be a vocation (nghề nghiệp), not a mere obligation, (nghĩa vụ). Ensure you keep your knowledge of relevant (thích đáng, có liên quan) legislation (pháp luật), standards (tiêu chuẩn) and best practices up to date.

Keep the Customer in Mind: The ability to make the client happy, even when we are behind schedule, and even when things are not going well. Technical talent is extremely valuable, but what matters most to the manager/company is someone who is able to work with their end users and who they don’t have to manage. Someone who could communicate and handle concerns directly from clients.

Know the Company Operations: Similarly, indispensable engineers develop knowledge of the commercial impacts of engineering decisions. While engineers would certainly make amazing things for free if they could, technical considerations are by far not the only factors in the success or failure of a project. The indispensable has commercial nous (óc thực tế) and find ways to innovate and reduce financial or environmental cost. Invest time in understanding the commercials of any project including the business case, budgets and commercial imperatives or pressures is essential.

Have Integrity in Your Work: Engineers who slack and avoid unpleasant work are dispensable. Engineer who concentrated on producing, performing all his/her tasks to the best of his/her ability and only to the standard that he/she would find acceptable, who doesn’t like, or accept, junk, who practices with utmost integrity. Your professionalism and impeccable (không chê vào đâu được) values should be uncompromising (kiên quyết). Ethics (đúng nội quy) and excellence are inseparable for engineers. Building a reputation for undeviating (không đi lệch hướng) ethics and honesty is not only moral (phẩm hạnh), but peerless (có một không hai) asset (tài sản). Coupled with deep domain (phạm vi; lĩnh vực) and technical skills, you will be equipped for the role of trusted adviser.

Always Be Adaptable: Is the power adapt to change easily. While most engineers’ professional ethics must be rock solid, and their commitment to excellence unwavering (kiên định, vững vàng), becoming an indispensable engineer also requires flexibility in the face of external conditions. Budgets grow or shrink, personnel are reassigned, and project specifications are subject to change with little notice or with little reason. Engineer who pushes back too much, or refuses to adapt, is going to find it difficult to stay on. In a lot of ways, the only way to remain competitive is to keep learning and changing.

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