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The Joy of Cooking. In Vietnam and other country of South-East Asia the pleasure of cooking and eating begins in the markets, where a great deal of squeezing and smelling of vegetables and fruit takes place, ensuing the freshness, the ripest or even the tartest (chua cay) item is selected for the meals that day. In the home kitchen, the mother will taste each dish before serving to check the seasoning and the balance of flavors.

The Vietnamese Kitchen. The culinary culture of Vietnam has been influenced (bị ảnh hưởng) by the cuisines (các món ăn) of Thailand, Cambodia, China and France so there are inevitably (chắc hẳn, chắc chắn, tất yếu) many similarities.Rice Grain Fish and rice are the staples of the Vietnam and there is a strong emphasis on coconut milk combined with spices and herbs, such as ginger, lemon grass, garlic, chilies and coriander.

Rice (Thóc; Gạo; Cơm). In Vietnam, there are three main groups of rice. Long grain, short grain, and sticky “glutinous” rice. The most widely grown and consumed is the long grain. Sticky rice often used in porridge dishes and sweet cakes wrapped in banana leaves. Rich in carbohydrate and containing vitamins A, and B, rice is one of the healthiest staples (nguyên vật liệu, sản phẩm chủ yếu) foods. Beside the three main groups, there are many types of rice, all of which the Vietnamese can differentiate by the aroma or taste of the raw grain.

Sticky Glutinous Rice or Sweet Rice (Gạo nếp). Sticky rice comes in long and short grain varieties. The long grain is used for savory (món ăn mặn) and sweet dishes, such as porridge (cháo) dishes, whereas the plumper (tròn mập) short grain is used for puddings, dumplings and New Year (Tết) sweets.Rice Grain The long grain glutinous rice grain is an opaque white color due to the starch content when raw and turns translucent when cooked. Although the grains retain a degree of firmness, they do stick to one another, to be used as fillings for cakes wrapped in banana leaves or to clumped and molded into balls to dip into a sauce, or to be flavored with a dollop of sweet bean paste. Sticky rice is often eaten as a filling snacks, sweetened with a little coconut milk and sugar sprinkled over the top (xôi).

Rice Flour (Bột Gạo). Rice flour is made by grinding the raw grain until it’s very fine powder. There are many types of rice flour. Long grain and medium grain rice flour is used to make the dough for fresh and dried rice noodles (bún), as well as for the Vietnamese rice papers (bánh tráng). Glutinous rice flour (bột nếp) is used to make sweet pantries, pancakes and sweet cakes. Rice flour should be kept in an airtight container in a dry place.

SANDWICHES - BAGUETTE - BÁNH MÌ: Whenever you explore the street of Vietnam or a strips of a Little Saigon, if you're a baguette lover like me, you succumb to the bánh mì vendor. Bánh mì is the Vietnamese word for bread. In Vietnamese cuisine, it also refers to a type of baguette which is often split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients as a sandwich and served as a meal. Plain banh mi is also eaten as a staple food. A typical Vietnamese sandwich is a fusion of meats and vegetables from native Vietnamese cuisine such as chả lụa (pork sausage), coriander leaf (cilantro), cucumber, pickled carrots, and pickled daikon combined with condiments from French cuisine such as pâté, along with chili and mayonnaise. When you’re in Saigon make sure to stop to try one of Bánh Mì 362’s baguette at one of these location.

ITALIAN PASTA: Pasta is one of my favorite food and is one of the world most recognized foods. Nearly every country has its own unique version (even me) of this popular, inexpensive and easy to make cuisine. The word pasta is generally used to describe traditional Italian noodles, which differentates it from other types of noodles around the world. Pasta is made from unleavened dough consisting of ground durum wheat andwater or eggs. The use od durum wheat makes pasta unique from other noodles. The durum wheat dough is pressed into sheets, cut into a variety of shapes, and cooked before serving. Spaghetti and meatballs is an American Italian cuisine, spaghetti is frequently served with tomato sauce, which may contain various herbs (especially oregano and basil), olive oil, meat, or vegetables. Grated hard cheeses, such as Pecorino Romano, Parmesan and Grana Padano, are often sprinkled on top.

Hot-and-sour soup is a Chinese takeout staple, but one that’s especially easy and tasty when made at home. The first traces of hot and sour soup date from the Warring States period in the areas of Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, northern China, and the southern region of Shandong. Hot and sour soup is a soup that includes both spicy and sour flavors. This soup is made from red or white peppers with vinegar, which gives it a hot and sour taste. The soup typically includes tofu or pork as the primary meat and may contain red cabbage.

Disclaimer: Welcome to Designed for my own uses. I will be writing a range of recipes in a slow pace, from Vietnames to America. Feel free to browse to see what is about rice and noodles, fish and shellfish, beef and pork, chicken and duck, tofu and vegetables, sweet snacks, herb, spices and flavoring. It is intended for personal use and reference purposes only. Not intended for public teaching, reproducing or distributing. The links, materials and photos are free to use, I'm not in anyway responsible for material viewed or downloaded by users from the site/Internet.

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