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Hi, I'm Tainu Nguyen. I am a drafter and a technical supporter who is specialized in cable, and wire harness assembly with a 10-year successful career in Silicon Valley. I'm passionate about my work and love helping others nourish their dreams and unleash their joy through creativity and self-discovery. I'm new in Texas, I'm looking for an opportunity and wish to propose to offer drafting services to your company. My works are reliable and efficient. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Technical support is my expertise. I am a learner, supporter, and team helper. I am happy to assist, support, and refine the work assigned to me. If my credentials closely match the skills and experience listed in your help wanted. I hope that you will allow me to be part of your team because I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge in engineering support. Kindly consider this proposal and contact me through Thank you so much for your time.


Companies and subcontractors I supported in the San Francisco Bay Area are innovative companies where we build a small batch of prototype cables for the new products. Aim with the proper training in college as a mechanical drafter, I was able to hop on their wagons and adapted to cable harness assembly drafting and became good at it since.


Controller Power Cable Assembly

Typically each customer has a specification that we have to follow. It includes all of the information about the wire harness. Some of that information includes wiring harness design, Bill of Materials, and other necessary guidelines and requirements. Whether the customer has CAD drawing ready to build, or a handwritten sketch, I can use the company resources to draft the original idea for the customer's final successful product.


Controller Power Cable Wire Connection Drawing


Interprets electrical and mechanical schematics and builds products.


Wire Harness BOM

– • Customer drawings, BOMs, Instructions.

– • If a customer drawing is not available then a set of customer’s instructions will be used to create a schematic and an assembly drawing.

– • A schematic will be created based on the customer’s wire connection diagram. Alternatively, a colors code excel table can be used to build the wire harness.

– • Using available 2D/3D models from suppliers based on the customer’s BOM, an assembly drawing is created to assist the assembler.

Changes any design changes or mistakes.


– • Review The Engineering Change Request.

– • Correct the drawing and BOM based on the engineer’s markup.

– • Create an ECO with the reason for the changes and submit it for review and approval.

Communicates technical changes and instructions to less skilled production operators and design engineers.

Simple method:

– • Notify the engineer/personnel who is involved in the project and hand-on assist the production worker with the new build.

Builds higher-end product solutions as requested by management.

Efficient way:

– • Create a BOM with all needed wires, components, and connectors. Based on provided wire connection list rough draft an assembly drawing. Build a prototype, test, make changes, record, and FAI to approve for NPI.


§ ‡ § › › › PTEC SOLUTION, INC. – Fremont, CA 94538

Coil Cable

An Electronics Manufacturer in Fremont, California

Quotation Specialist and Drafter (Jun-2017 to Dec-2021)


› › › Reviews BOM and generates fiber optic cable assembly drawing for NPI.

› › › Generating quotes and estimating cable harness for prototype build.

› › › Assists in locating electronic components and hardware for new orders.

§ ‡ § › › › YC CABLE, INC. – Fremont, CA 94538

A Manufacturer In The Custom Cable Assembly

Coil Cable

Technical Support Technician (Apr-2013 to Jun-2017)


› › › Works with sales, and engineers to update customers’ drawings and documents.

› › › Works with the production team to build custom cable harness assembly boards.

› › › Reviews customers’ changed documents, BOMs, drawings, and AVL to prepare ECR/ECO.

› › › Creates customers’ design cable/harness drawings per redlines, and verbal instructions.

› › › Updates NPI folders include CAD drawings and preparing assembly instruction for prototype build and first article approval.

Coil Cable

› › › Generates cable barcode label templates for new product IDs.

§ ‡ § › › › TOPLINE ELECTRONIC – San Jose, CA 95131

A Computers and Electronics Manufacturer

Documentation Specialist (Aug-2000 to Dec-2012)


› › › Creates visual aids for loading components or touching up/reworking on PCB.

› › › Estimates build time per assembly procedure.

› › › Quotes estimates and BOM database entry.

› › › Processes Return Merchandise Authorize request and enter into SAP.


Coil Cable

‹ • › Accounting — Mission College, Santa Clara, CA — 2010 — A.A

‹ • › Mechanical Design & Drafting Technology — Mission College, Santa Clara, CA — 2010 — Cetrified

‹ • › General Education & Yerba Buena High School — San Jose, CA — 1991 — Graduated

› › › Excellent in engineering/quoting support with expertise during the different phases of custom build product process and customer new parts order.

› › › Proficient in producing electrical harness cable assembly drawings, dimensional drawings, and installation drawings using AutoCAD.

› › › Experienced in Engineering Document Control practices, reviews and processes ECRs, ECOs, customer orders, engineering drawings, and BOM using Product Lifecycle Management software, Excel, and MS Word.

› › › Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Acrobat.

› › › Able to work independently and under limited supervision.

Thank you for visiting my page. I have worked with companies in Silicon Valley and thought I could add value to your company.. Feel free to contact me Tainu Nguyen with any comment and feedback you would like to share about your experience visiting my page.