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AUTODESK: AUTOCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting sofware application. It was first released in December 1982, it's used across a wide range of industries, by architec, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, and many other professionals. AutoCAD Electrical is 2D program designed for electrical engineer to creates electronic diagrams, schematics, circuit diagrams and other diagrams.

AutoCad Tips & GD&T Tools. How to attach Feature Control Frame – How to insert Datum-Identifying Refernce Letter – Text Symbols & Special Characters Reference. Hotkeys, tips & shortcuts allowed designer to work faster and be more efficient while using Autocad.

Configuration Settings: The Configuration and Setup for creating and maintaining AutoCad Mechanical template (.dwt) files. This diagram show a high-level configuration flowchart which takes into account the interdependencies of different configuration operations and provides a workflow that applies under most circumstances.

Drawing Setup: Setting up a Simple Drawing to make it easier to plot a drawing from model space. Or find an existing drawing that was set up for the drawing scale and paper size, make a copy of that DWG file, erase the objects, and start drawing.

CHART & GRAPH: A chart is a graphical representation of data, where a line chart is one form. A plot is a result of plotting statistics as a diagram in different ways, where some of the ways are similar to some chart types. So a line chart could be a graph or a plot, while a pie chart is neither a graph nor a plot. Chart and graph is often used to ease understanding the relationships between parts of the data.

WebElements: Explore the chemical elements through this periodic table on the web by WebElements.

Sheet Metal Thickness Gauges: Material is copyright © 2002 by Russ Rowlett and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Industrial Wood Screws: Wood screws, retaining rings, machine screws, cap screws, cotter pins, self tapping screws, bent bolts.

DASSAULT SYSTÈMES: SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aid design and computer-aided engineering computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. Over 3,000,000 engineers and designers are using it since its first released in 1995.

Pdm vs. Epdm: Reasons why you should upgrade Workgroup PDM to SolidWorks PDM Professional (EPDM). What are the differences between the platforms?

SolidWorks Basic & Technical Tips: General productivity tips I have collected because I needed them for my easy workflow. My collection of tips, tricks and best practices.

SolidWorks Sheet Formats: Customize drawing sheet formats to match your company’s standard format. Drawing templates contain notes that link to properties. These properties extract information from the part, assembly, or drawing.

Solidworks Sheetmetal: There are specific sheet metal features we can use to create sheet metal body quickly. However, in some circumstances when the design requires certain types of geometry, you can use non-sheet metal feature tools, then insert bends or convert the part to sheet metal.

Multibody Sheetmetal: Create a multibody sheet metal part from multiple sheet metal bodies or a combination of sheet metal bodies and and other bodies such as weldments using SolidWorks. Learning and developing subjects please check back later.

DESIGN • PHOTOGRAPHY • PHOTOSHOP • MAGAZINES. A community where design and technology peers share interesting techniques about Photography • Science & Technology • Computer Arts • Computer Science • Digital Photo • Photoshop Creative • Web Designer • Fine Arts • Perspective Drawing & Technical Illustration and much more...

Gasket or O-Ring? Working on a product that needs air or liquid sealing we basically have two choices: a gasket or an o-ring. But while these two have similar functions, they perform differently based on pressures and design specs. Here’s the difference between the two.

Photography and what makes a photo great? It's a combination of technique, artistic, creative and venture. Here are some of my favourite links where ARTIST and PHOTOGRAPHER peers share their pictures, books, articles and their work.

Photoshop & Photography. Why photographers use photoshop? Photoshop has allowed top photographers to expand their abilities and stretch the bounds of photography. Here are some of my favourite where ARTIST and PHOTOGRAPHER peers share their techniques using Photoshop to make a photo look like a painting, watercolor, or oil paint effects.

The Freedom to Create Anything. Wix unites beauty and advanced technology to create your stunning website. It's easy and free. How to create a free website.

Mechanical Design and Drafting: The basic approach to product design and development to meet customer needs, quality expectations, competitive price, reduction of product design cycle time, and minimize disuptive design changes can be effectively produced with a well planned process.

Vertanux1: This web site is for anyone interested in learning Computer Aided Design, Engineering, or Manufacturing. It's intended for educational purposes only.

DOCUMENTATION: Material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record. Documentation, when done successfully, can keep forward momentum in place and keep the team focused. Documentation sets expectations, provides clarity, and creates safety nets. In engineering, technical documentation refers to any type of documentation that describes handling, functionality and architecture of a technical product or a product under development or use.

Operational Method Sheets: Operational method sheets are work instructions, detailed operating instructions, which contain the operations of a rate routing, standard routing or an inspection plan can be displayed or printed at a processing station of the production line.

Quality Assurance is a set of documents provided on paper, or online, or on digital or analog media. This document establishes the minimum requirements for a supplier’s quality system.

Request Tracking System is used for obtaining document approvals and for submitting document release Revising Procedures, Work Instructions, etc. (not drawings except for tooling) requests to Document Control. Send an e-mail to Doc Ctrl and request the Source file. Make the changes per engineering request. Available soon!

Standard Operating Procedures: A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that document a routine or repetitive activity followed by an organization. SOPs detail the regularly recurring work processes that are to be conducted or followed within an organization

ELECTRONIC & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY: Computer technology is the study of how to work with various electrical and computer systems. Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that integrates several fields of computer science and electronic engineering required to develop computer hardware and software.

Electronic Packaging Knowledge Requirements. The ability to measure AC/DC Voltages and Currents, Resistance using both a Bench and Portable DMM. 8. Understand schematic diagram and able to assemble, test and measure the circuit for its operational parameters.

SEM. A scanning electron microscope is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons. The electrons interact with atoms in the sample, producing various signals that contain information about the surface topography and composition of the sample ...

ELECTRONIC HARDWARE & FASTENERS & RUBBERS: It's consists of interconnected electronic components & devices that mechanically joins two or more objects together or perform analog or logic operations on received and locally stored information to produce as output or store resulting new information or to provide control for output actuator mechanism.

Accurate Screw Machine. Bushing, Hand Screws and Nuts, Handles, Locking-Fasteners, Retainers, Screws, Captive Assemblies, Spacers, Studs, Ferrules, Threaded Standoff, Tools, Washers. How to order metric parts. Fastener Specifications –SAE (inch) Dimensions. Material Specification & Properties. Material Finishes. Socket Cap Screw Data.

Adapt All, Inc: International Adapter and Fitting Solutions. American, British, Metric, Mobil Equipment. Adapter & Fitting Kits - Stock Programs - Thread Gauges - Ifo & Tutorials.

Altech Corp: Product includes circuit protection, connectors, disconect switches, enclosures, digital parameters, DIN Rails, PCB connections, process controllers, relays, sensors, safety switches, terminal blocks, timers, wire management, and more.

ASI: Custom Foam Gasket and Seals - Rubber - Electrical Enclosure Gaskets - High Temperature Gasket - Sound Foam - Convoluted Foam. EMI RFI Shielding Gasket - O-Rings - Engineered Plastics.

Digi-Key: Product includes cable assemblies, cables, wires - management, connectors, interconnectors, tools, sensors, and more.

Kriwan Sensors: Condition Monitoring - Diagnosis System - Oil differential pressure - Capacity control - PTC + temperature sensors - Oil level regulator - Voltage Monitor - and Pump Protection.

Laird: Expert in connecting and protecting advanced electronics. Wireless Modules - IoT Platforms - RF Attennas &Absorbers - EMC Components - Inductors - Precision & Interface Materials - Temperature Controllers - Thermoelectric Modules - Liquid Cooling Systems

Hardware Specialty Co., Inc: Electronic mounting hardware, fasteners, card guides, ejectors, hinges, handles, strain reliefs, spacers & standoffs.

SSP Fittings Corp. Specializing in Stainless Steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components and assemblies. Fittings - Valves - Tubing - Tool & Accessories - Quick Connects - Filters - Hose & Hose Fittings.

Swagelok. Expertise in product or system design, materials science, or corrosion issues. Fittings - Valves - Tubing - Tool & Accessories - Quick Connects - Filters - Hose & Hose Fittings - Regulators - Measurement Devices - Mechanical Seal Support Systems - Medium-and High-Pressure Products - Analytical Subsystems - Welding Systems - Miniature Modular Systems.

TE Connectivity. Cable Assemblies, Harnessing, Terminal & Splice, Connectors, Heat Shrink Tubing, Wire & Cable, Sensors, Identification & Labeling, Fiber Optics, Connector Backshells / Adapters, Polamco high precision connectors, backshells, interconnect accessories, and custom connectivity solutions for use in rugged applications.

ENGINEERING: At Engineering Degree Guides you will find a career guide for each engineering degree discipline. There are quite a few best programs and an engineering graduate can choose from Bioengineering – Chemical Engineering – Civil Engineering – Electrical engineering – Mechanical engineering. As in any profession, mastering the fundamentals is essential.

Building Design and Construction: (BDC) refers to the broadly based architectural, engineering and technical applications to the design of buildings. System Fundamentals - Materials - Structure Theory - Roof - Plumbing & Electrical Systems.

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is the Synthesis of shapes, sizes, geometric mesostructures, and material compositions and microstructures to best utilize manufacturing process capabilities to achieve desired performance and other life-cycle objectives.

Design for Assembly: DFA is a process by which products are designed with ease of assembly in mind. If a product contains fewer parts it will take less time to assemble, thereby reducing assembly cost. Engineering Ideas Into Reality (DfA)

Designing for Material Handling. Handling objects is a common task; examples are loading and unloading machines, manipulating objects in assembly and inspection, or using hand tools. Material handling (lifting, lowering, carrying, etc.) involves short-distance movement within the confines of a building or between a building and a transportation vehicle.

Mechanical Design and Drafting: The basic approach to product design and development to meet customer needs, quality expectations, competitive price, reduction of product design cycle time, and minimize disuptive design changes can be effectively produced with a well planned process.

Welding, Bonding, and the Design of Permanent Joints: Form can more readily pursue function with the help of joining processes such as welding, brazing, soldering, cementing, and gluing processes. Riveted permanent joints are common as the means of fastening rolled steel shapes to one another to form a permanent joint. Learning and developing subjects please check back later.

GD&T: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is a language for communication engineering design specifications. GD&T includes all the symbols, definitions, mathematical formulae, and application rules neccessary to embody a viable engineering language. Its conveys both the nominal dimensions (ideal geometry), and the tolerances for a part.

GD&T Glossary Flashcard: Quizlet/ (Based on ASME Y14.5-2009).

Geometric Characteristics & Their Attributes: The use of material modifiers, the relationships between material modifiers and fits tolerances.

GD&T Terms: Many GD&T terms have very specific meanings. To be able to function, it is important for each GD&T practitioner to be very familiar with these terms.

GD&T Fundamental Rules: The fundamental ground rules that apply to every engineering drawings, regardless of the types of tolerances used.

Dimension Guidelines: In order for the drawings to be dimensioned so that evryone can understand them, we need to follow standards that all people in the world must follow.

Datums: The purpose of datums. Interpret information provided by datum feature symbols. How to establish datum reference frames?

Material Condition: MMC is the condition of a feature which contains the maximum amount of material within the stated limits of size. LMC is the condition in which there is the least amount of material within the stated limits of size.

Form Controls: There are four form controls: Flatness, Straightness, Circularity and Cylindricity (cylindricity is a 3Dimensional tolerance that controls the overall form of a cylindrical feature to ensure that it is round enough and straight enough along its axis).

Location —» Position is a versatile tolerance that can be used to control location, coaxiality, orientation or axis offset of a part feature or axis. Position should be specified whenever the design requirements permit. This control provides an opportunity to utilize many of the advantages of GD&T. How does POS TOL applied to features

Type of Dimensioning: An engineering drawing may communicate the following –» Geometry of the part, Critical functional relationship, Tolerances, Material, heat treat, surface coatings, Part documentation such as part number and drawing revision.

PTC: CREO PARAMETRIC formerly known as Pro/Engineer. It's a 3D CAD/CAM/CAE feature-based, associative solid modeling software. It's runs on Microsoft Windows, it's used by manufactures for mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing.

Configuring Creo Parametric: Customize the way you configure Creo by entering configuration file options and their values in the Configuration Editor.

Creo Layout: A new 2D drafting engine that is shared with Creo Direct. Use Layout to bridge the gap between 2D design and 3D design & accelerate the design process.

Creo Drawing Sheet Creation: When you start a new drawing, you are prompted for a format file (.frm) to associate with the drawing. This file carries all the format graphical information, some optional default attributes, text size and draft scale. For a multisheet drawing, you can have two default formats—one for the first sheet and another for the remaining sheets.

Creo Tips & Tricks: Some of these tips are not easily found in the help section, so they are not widely known includes customize the RMB, datum plane placement e.,g.

Creo Sheet Metal: Learning and developing subjects please check back later

Naming Conventions: Use the F1 Key for Context-Sensitive Help. Help for a command on the Menu Manager, right-click the command and select GetHelp.

What's new in Creo Parametric 3.0: Part Modeling – View Normal Orientation – Reorienting the Model is Easier – Sheetmetal Design, and more...

MATERIAL: The matter, substance, substances or elements of which a thing is or can be made. How do you choose material for your project? What's the difference between types of composite material or kinds of aluminum?

Aluminum is a chemical element with the symbol Al and atomic number 13. It is a silvery-white, soft, non-magnetic and ductile metal in the boron group. By mass, aluminium makes up about 8% of the Earth's crust, where it is the third most abundant element and also the most abundant metal. Some typical applications of wrought alloys.

Steel is the world's most important engineering and construction material. It is used in every aspect of our lives . It can be recycled over and over again without loss of property. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and sometimes other elements.

Gems and Precious Stones A precious stone is a small, rare, hard stone which has inherited from Nature the name of beauty. A precious stone should be a mineral, that is, an object formed in nature. A list of the most commonly used precious and semi-precious gemstons, sapphire, coral, amethyst, emerald ...

Material Properties Database. is a curated database of engineering material properties that emphasizes ease of comparison. It is not a datasheet dump: every listed material is an internationally recognized generic material. The data is sourced from published standards, academic literature, and supplier documentation.

MatWeb. Data sheets for over 130K metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites include plastics compounders and fabricators of some semi-finished products such as sheet, rod, tube, and powders when the producer supplies us with unique technical data on their products.

MANUFACTURING: The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations/specifications. Manufacturing commomly employs a man-machine setup with division of labor in a large scale production. Learning and developing subjects please check back later

A.L Johnson Company is a producer of precision aluminum and zinc castings and a pioneer in the use of the rubber plaster mold process since 1954. Fast Turnaround - Easier Machining, painting and Processing, Assembly. 805-389-1631 for free Design Kit.

ASH Industries. Liquid Injection Molding, or LIM (Silicone Molding), is a production process commonly used to make rubber parts or to make parts that need to withstand extreme conditions, regardless of the industriy. Seals, o-rings, isolators, electronic components and other parts. Other technologies are Thermalplastic Injection Molding - Rotational Molding - Metal Injection Molding - Tool & Die Manufacturing.

Lee Brass. A manufacturer producing parts utilizing low lead alloys for original equipment manufacturer. OEM Copper Based Castings - Plumbing and Industrial for Residential and Commercial - Sil-Braze and Copper Nickel.

Xometry: 3D printing, CNC machining, Sheet metal fabricating, Urethane casting services. Innovative manufacturing processes. Injection Molding - Polyjet 3D - Fused Deposition Modeling - Stereolithography - Direct Metal Laser Sintering.

MANUFACTURING and SERVICES: Contract manufacturers specialized in labels, namplates, tradeshow graphics.

MS-CARITA offers a wide range of stock labels, decals, placards, wall graphics, vinyl banners, safety signs with precision, and cost effective. Service includes Screen Printing - Flexographic Printing - Digital Printing. Livermore CA, call 925-243-1720 for free samples.

EpilogLaser Lase engraving, cutting and marking machines. Co2 Laser Compatible Materials can be used with Epilog Zing, Legend and Fusion Series. Fiber Laser Compatible Materials is being tested with FiberMark Laser.

Hose Warehouse Browse by manufacturer..Dixon, Eaton, Thermoid, Adaptall, Banjo, Flexaust, Kuriyama, Flexfab, San-Gobain, Nycoil, Band-It, Ideal Tridon, Malta Dynamics, Jason Industrial Inc, Hannay Reels, Rub Inc, Continental Contitech.

Insaco Inc, a precision machining and polishing fabricator of parts from all technical ceramics, sapphire, aluminas, carbide, glass ceramic, nitride, Zirconias, glass and quartz.

Intech Manufacturing Sourcing. A manufacturer of brass/S.S. valves and fittings, steel valves and fittings, customer machining parts. Air Compressor System - Hose & Hose Adapter - Filters - Liquid Level Gauge - Sight Glass - Fitting - Y Strainer - Bronze Ball Valve - Check Valve - Plug Valve - Panel Mount Valve - SST Valve - Bras Ball Valve. is the global marketplace for NSN (National Stock Number) parts, military components and materials, aircraft components as well as electro-mechanical parts and hardware. Its a distributor of fasteners, electro-mechanical products, hardware and electronic components.

Tech-Etch Photo Etched Parts - Flexible Circuits - EMI/RFI Shielding Products. Precision Engineered Parts: Photoetching and Laser Cutting - Forming - Lamination. Have a question? 508-747-0300.

MECHANICAL COMPONENTS: Consist of three basic types —» structural components such as frame members, bearings, axles, splines, fasteners, seals, and lubricants, mechanisms that control movement in various ways such as gear trains, belt or chain drives, linkages, cam and follower systems, including brakes and clutches, and other configurations.

ALWITCO. Allied Witan Company manufactures industrial noise control devices which promote clean and quiet pneumatic operations. Air Exhaust Muffler - Air Dryer Mufflers - Automuffler Serries - High Pressure Mufflers - Pourous Metal Filter Mufflers.

Eldon James. Fittings - Tee Fittings - Clamps and Accessories - Couplers - Elbow Fittings - Cross and Fittings - Swivel Disconnect Fittings - Tubing - Bag Ports - Luers - Serieslock Quick Disconnect Couplers - Adapter, Bulkhead and Panel Mounts and Fitting Kits.

Fastenal. Industrial Supplies - OEM Fasteners - Safety Products - Adhesives, Sealants & Metal Working - Electrical - HVAC & Refrigeration - Hardware - Hydraulics - Lighting - Lubricants, Coolants & Fluids - Machinery - Material, Handling, Lifting & Rigging - Motors - Plumbing - Pneumatics - Power Transmission - Pumps - Raw Materials - Security - Test & Measurement - Tools & Equipment - Welding and much more.

GardTec. Fan Accessory Products - Standard Wire Fan Guards - Plastic Fan Guards - Fan Trays - Fan Power Cords - Fan Filters - Food Service Equipment - Refrigerator/Freezer - Shelving - Motor Mounts, Hinges - Radiant Heater Guards - Wire Forms.

MSC Industrial Direct is one of the largest industrial equipment distributors in the world. Over 1. 5 million products from Fasteners - Hand Tools - Hardware - Hose, Tube, Fittings & Valves - Machinery - Marking & Labeling - Material Handling & Storage - Measuring & Inspecting - Milling - Motion Control & Fluide Power - Plumbing, Pump & Filtration - Power Tools - Raw Materials - Safety - Saw Blades - Shipping & Office Supplies - Tapes & Adhersive - Threading - Tool Holding - Turning & Boring - Welding & Soldering and much more.

Parker Hannifin: Aerospace Systems and Technologies - Air Preparation and Dryers - Cylinders and Actuators - EMI Shielding - Filters, Separators and Purifiers - Fittings and Quick Couplings - Gas Generators - Hose, Piping, Tubing, T-Slot Framing - Motors, Drives and Controllers - Pumps, Regulators, Monitors, Sensors, and Flow Control - Seals and O-Rings - Thermal and Power Management - Valves.

Smart Products USA. Check Valves - Made to Order - Learn How Valves Work - Pressure Relief Valves - Fittings - Pumps: Liquid Pumps - Air Pumps - Micro Pressure Pumps - Liquid Pumps Specs - Air Pump Specs - Conversion Charts - Plastics Guide - O-rings Guide.

SMC Corporation. Expertise in pneumatic technology. Actuators - Directional Control Valves - Airline Equipment - Air Dryers & Main Line Filters - Connectors - Electric Actuators - Vacuum Products - Sensors & Switches - Fluid Process - Stastic Control - Chillers - Specialty Equipment.

TEA Machine Components: Engineering Components & Linear Motion Experts. Metric shafts, magnetic couplings, bearings, linear slide systems, timing belts & pulleys.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions: Advanced Coposites - Polymer Bearings & Bushings - Hydraulic Seals - Oil Seals - Aircraft Seals - Flat Gaskets - Liquid Silicon Rubber - Marine Bearings - O-Rings - Phneumatic Seals - Silicon Tubing and Hoses.

METAL FINISHING: The term metal finishing covers a wide range processes carried out to modify the surface properties of a metal by deposition of a layer of another metal or polymer or by the formation of an oxide film. Metal finishing is the process of deposition of a layer of the metal on the surface of substrate or the process of conversion of a surface layer of atoms on a metal into an oxide film.

Metal Finishing or Coating is the process of deposition of a layer of the metal on the surface of substrate or the process of conversion of a surface layer of atoms on a metal into an oxide film.

Chemical Processing: A chemical process is a method of changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds. In manufacturing or an industrial scale, a chemical process is used to change the composition of chemical compounds or materials by using technology.

Surface Finishes provides custom design, fabrication and finishing services or will make your parts complete from an engineering drawing. CMP Specialty Metals and Alloys - High Precision Lapping - Optical Quality Polishing - High Precision Low-Stress Grinding - Single Point Diamond Machining.

Valence Surface Technology: The world's leading aerospace product finishing company. Services included Chemical Processing - Plating - Painting&Spray Coating - Shot Penning & Blasting - Non-destructive Testing. Get a quote 855-370-5920.

Powder Coating: Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Powder coatings are based on polymer resin systems, combined with curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives. A process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is typically used to achieve the application of the powder coating to a metal substrate.

METALLURGY: Metallurgy plays a crucial role in enabling sustainability, being the source of these elements and derived materials as well as the ultimate ‘ organism’ or unit operation that closes the material cycle as one has to reduce and/or re-melt metals to refine these to new high quality products.

Western Sintering: A powder metal manufacturing company that specializes in part sourcing options out of powder metal. Located in Richland, Washington, we provide highly engineered solutions out of ferrous and copper based materials. Alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel silver (white brass) and bronze.

MOTION: In physics, motion is the change in position of an object with respect to its surroundings in a given interval of time. Motion is mathematically described in terms of displacement, distance, velocity, acceleration, and speed. ... One can also speak of motion of images, shapes and boundaries. There are three main categories: Linear Motion is when all of a body moves in a line (straight or curved) with all parts moving in the same direction. Angular Motion is when a body or part of it moves in a circle (or part of) about a point called the axis of rotation.

AllMotion: Provide off-the-shelf motion control devices and custom solutions based on its EZStepper and EZServo motor driver technology. Miniature Stepper Controller Products - Servo Motor Controller Driver - I/O Control.

Huco Altra Industrial Motion: Provide off-the-shelf Couplings - Air Motors - Motion Control - Power Transmission - Assembly Components.

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ABC 7 News San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula, North Bay – CBS News National & World breaking news & headlines of the day – BBC News International headlines news and videos from around the world – KTVU Fox 2 News The latest newa and updates in San Francisco Bay Area – NBC Bay Area News Local breaking news, weather and trafic – KCRW Listen Live – Music, News, Culture and Shows – Wild 94.9 – SF Bay's #1 Hit Music Station.

Việt News – Xã Hội Luận Bàn – VN Time – Vietnam News Online – Vietnamese 101 – Vietnamese Radio Staions – Vietnam Breaking News – Update latest news from Vietnam – Báo Mới – Mạng Thông Tin Điện Tử – Việt Giải Trí – Truyền Thông Việt Hoàng – Vietnam Express – The most read Vietnamese newspaper.

NCT – Nhạc Của Tôi – – Thế Giới Âm Nhạc Của Bạn – Ultimate Classic Rock – Top 100 Classic Rock Songs – Truyền Hình Vĩnh Long – Trang thông tin của Đài PT-TH Vĩnh Long – HDViet – Phim chiếu rạp HD – PhimHay – Phim Việt & phim Trung Quốc – – Nghe nhạc HOT hay nhất – Saigoneer – Art & Culture, Eat & Drink, Stories, Society, Heritage – Hướng Việt Performing Arts Group – Đoàn Văn Nghệ Dân Tộc Hướng Việt –

ZergNet: The Platform of Choice for Premium Publishers. Things you don't know about Barron Trump. This is what the First Lady eats and more. Đức Huy & Lệ Quyên – Chuyện Tình Yêu –

SPECIAL SUBJECTS & INTERESTING RESOURCES: A variety of subjects from Science News • Planet Earth • Technology • Investing • Health • Culture and Cuisine • Space Exploration • History • Nature • Tourism & Travel.

3D eXchange: 3DX for those who create in 3D. Share and download 3DX community models. Download Supplier certified models and certified product catalogs.

An Introduction to Investments: Win or Loose is the name of the game, and there's one golden rule that we should always keep in mind and observe when we're investing. Never invest money that we can't afford to lose.

California Academy of Sciences: Become a member and experience the wonder all year round with daily, unlimited admission, includes exclusive events, exhibit previews...

Computer Science and Programming Language: Computer science is the study of computers and computing concepts. It includes both hardware and software, as well as networking and the Internet. Mathematics and computer science give two complementary ways to engage with our modern world.

Fact and Details Clothes and Clothing Customs in Vietnam | Vietnamese Embroidery and Jewelry | Áo Dài | Fashion Among Vietnamese Youth | Vietnamese Fashion Designers.

Fortune: World's Most Admired Companies | Most Powerful Women Lists for 2017 | Biggest Diamonds in History | Photography | World's Greatest Leaders.

Live Science: Stranger News | Tech | Planet Earth | Animals | History | Culture | | Little Rainbow Dinosaur Discovered by Farmer in China.

Outdoor Fun and Offroading: You'll find advice for driving on all types of terrain, places to rent a Jeep on vacation, handy Jeep offroading checklists, and lots of great ideas on a fun adventure. Rent a Jeep - Tour Trips - Fun Jeep Stuff. The differences between part time 4WD, full time 4WD, automatic 4WD, and AWD.

Retirement with 200K The Social Security Administration is now paying benefits to more than half a million Americans living outside the United States, a number that has been steadily rising. If you have traveled to Vietnam in recent years and found it an appealing place, you might want to consider moving there when you retire.

Tech Times: Tech | Science | Health | Culture | Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here's What Science Has To Say | Scientist Developing Device To Convert Dog Barks Into English. | Snap 4 Windows at Once. —» drag each window to the corner of the screen, place it where you like.

The National Interest: It's about American interests. Its seeks to promote, as far as possible, a fresh debate about the course of American foreign policy by featuring a variety of leading authors from goverment, journalism, and academia, many of whom at times disagree with each other. Its seeks to serve this contry's wider mational interest.

STANDARD: A standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

XYZTEC: How to test bonds. Wire Pull per MIL-STD-883 Method 2011.9 Destructive & MIL-STD-883 2023.7 Non-Destructive.

Assit-QuickSearch: Department of Defense, DLA Document Services. MIL-STD-810, FED-STD-595, basic search.

Everyspec: provides free access to over 55,000 Military, DoD, Federal, NASA, DOE, and Government specifications, standards, handbooks, and publications. This data warehouse includes standardization documents with the designations of MIL, MIL-STD, MIL-PRF, MIL-DTL, FED, CID, JANS, MS, AND, USAF, DID, CID, UCF, and FIPS, including their Amendments, Notices, and Supplements.

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Ed R Levin County Park, one of Santa Clara County's most unique regional park and recreation areas. The hike from Ed Levin Park to Monument Peak and Mission Peak is a strenuous hike about 13 miles in total. It’s easy to get lost so make sure you get a map ahead of time and bring at least 2 liters of water and food. Parking fee is $6.

Iron Man Museum exhibits material related to the Joshua Hendy Iron Works and the Sunnyvale operations of the Westinghouse Corporation and Northrop Grumman. Docent-guided individual & group tours are available to the public by appointment only.

Cantor Arts Center – Standord University: Free admission, tours, lectures, and family activities make the Cantor one of the most visited university art museums in the country.

Kim Son Monastery: A Vietnamese temple but everybody is welcomed. Hidden in Mount Madona County Park, the road is narrow and winding but it worth the moments.

Delicious Recipes and Ideals: Easy, Quick, Fun & Tasty lunch & dinner recipes kids love. Crunchy, crispy, tangy, salty, sweet recipes for kids. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun while you eat. Learning and developing subjects please check back later.

WIRE AND CABLE: Electrical wire and cables for a wide range of application, such as U.L CSA Recognized Wire | Shielded Instrument Cables | Shielded Signal and Control Cable Military and UL Grade | Miniature-Microminiature Low Voltage Signal Control Cables | Tubing / Sleeving / Wire Management | Electronic Wire Harness and more.

National Wire & Cable. Find wire and cable, search products by part number or specification. Custome cable, assemblies and wire to meet any specification.

Galaxy Wire & Cable. Custome Wire & Cable | Standard Wire & Cable | Assemblies & Harnesses for Aerospace, Medical, Military/Defense, Oil & Gas, Solar/PV, Electronic.

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