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HI ALL! My answer is quick and hopefully an easy one. Can I somehow save my Micrsoft office (2016) to something like a thumb drive or Icloud so I can redo my computer? I Really need to wipe it out and pretend it is new again. I have had it for years and now it needs a makeover! Thank you so much for your time!!!


Mechanical Design - Drafting - Documentation
ECONOMICAL and QUALITY Give You The Advantage. I can assist with SolidWorks, Creo, GD&T, CAD modeling and drafting. I can help write/create SOPs, and OMSs to illustrate Manufacturing, Assembly & Test procedures. I can be responsible for implementing new product designs or working to optimize the efficiency of the design already in place. Although I understand that you are very busy, I’d be honored if you called (408) 759-0591 to discuss your technical needs.

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